Q. and A.

"Painting with oils, pigments, cottons and woods is my collaboration with the earth. I only take half credit for these joint creations. The earth has created the other half."

What do you paint?
People, places, things with design and stories in mind.

How would you describe your current style?
Magic Realism, Surrealism and Experimentalism. Also, I tend towards detail in my paintings but am branching out into a faster moving thought process and less detail.

How would you describe your paintings?
Introspective and experimental.

Why do you paint?
Art is the way I communicate. I use paint to speak my thoughts and words.

What influences your paintings?
I suppose it's like most art movements. I somehow react and paint an aspect of my current life. I am the sum of the knowledge and experiences that I've accumulated and it comes out in my art.

Give me an example. What emotions influenced your "FAMILIAR CHANGE" painting?
There were many shifts happening during this time. Technology had made a massive move into the Bay Area, my painting style was changing, I was contemplating a studio move and the elections where in full swing. I sensed a great deal of change happening around me so I altered the Golden Gate Bridge to reflect my emotions around these changes. I kept plenty of the original structure so that I could grab onto that familiarity during times of change

How long does it take to paint one of your paintings?
2 weeks to 3 months.

Do you paint commissions?
No, not right now.

What's the price of one of your paintings?
It depends on the size, detail and complexity of the painting.

What's the meaning of your paintings?
Each painting has its own story.

What is the common underlying principle of your paintings?
My paintings are a product of "Major Minor" thinking. You can read about this here. But color, design and shapes combined with personal experiences are usually the common factors.

How do you come up with your ideas?
Ideas are abundant. But it's usually my personal experiences and emotions that sway me towards a certain concept.

Where do you sell your paintings?
Various venues. You can check out my exhibits page.

Pat Margis